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Thursday, March 20, 2008

~Upcoming GROUP Challenges~

~Up Coming QITM GROUP Challenges~
in the month of April we will have a couple of group challenges!!
the first challenge will be a "Where's Waldo" game..come on we've all been there!!
the object of our challenge is just like the game....you have to find waldo! waldo will be located some where in an ebay auction listed by a couple of our group members.So there will be more than one auction that will have "waldo" you will need to do a search by typing in QITM in the search box which will bring you to all the QITM listings...Now your job is to look through the auctions,if you find him bid on the auction and be the winning bidder,tell the seller where waldo is located in that auction and you will **WIN FREE SHIPPING** (for that auction) see anything else you like...PLEASE feel free to bid!! like they say,"the more the merrier!!!"