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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Meet the Founder!

Meet Jen! QITM's Founder. Her blog question is: How did you decide to form an Ebay design team?

QITM or Quality in the Making design team, came to me, as all of my ideas do at 3 am;)LOL Earlier in the week, I was contacting some of the already made teams on ebay, but was turned down, because I was new and didn't have much experience in selling, since it had been years since I sold items on ebay. As I sat in bed, I thought I wonder if there are other sellers like me that are just starting out and just to chat with other friends about selling, scrapbooking, and life. So I typed in the categories that I would normally sell my own items under and started to contact other sellers about joining this new design team I made. I started to get emails back from sellers; some maybes, some no's, but a couple yes's. I was so excited, I had ran a group on myspace for 4 years and made all of the group logos and layouts myself, so I figured that it wouldn't be much different. Some members have come and go and for that I thank them for the chance and the friendships, but a lot of the members are still there after 7 months. The group is growing and flourishing into a great positive direct and for that I am proud of the members and myself for taking the chance and meeting some incredible people!

Stay tuned for more features on the members of QITM!