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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Where has the Time Gone??

Wow.... fall is THISCLOSE to being here and many of us in QITM are working hard to make projects for our busiest time of year. Make sure you are typing QITM in your ebay searches to see our listings. If you are finding that our listings are a little "thin" right now, it's because many of us are successfully branching out beyond ebay with local clients, crafts shows, and selling via our own websites.

Our very own Suzanne (bandit) has started her own website with all sorts of goodies in her store. We're all thrilled that she has taken this step. We all dream of breaking the chains (of Ebay) and being more in control of our selling and she has taken that step. I hope everyone takes the time to visit her shop (bookmark it!!!). Click HERE to see her shop.